Projektnamn: Customer-centric Data-Driven analytics 

Projektledare: Emelie Fröberg, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm 

Anslagsförvaltare: SIR (Stiftelsen Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research), 

Beviljat anslag: 1 218 292kr

Löptid: 2022-01-01 till 2024-12-31 

Sammanfattning av projektet: ​ 

The purpose is to empirically test how retailers can use data-driven analytics to explain, predict and change consumer behavior. While the future of retailing includes a hype of data-driven analytics, described as a “must-have-capability”, many retailers are currently falling behind in implementation. Meanwhile, more empirical research is questioning the value of harnessing customer-centric retail data for decision-making, such as
consumers reacting negatively to the use of artificial intelligence and personal data or churn
prediction models failing to retain the right consumers. In combining academic excellence with close
ties to the Swedish retail industry, the Center for Retailing is in an advantageous research
environment to for this project to provide high-quality research insights into retailing. The planned
methods include empirical modeling and testing based on interviews with retailer key decisionmakers, consumer digital records, and randomized controlled trials. The research project expects to
contribute to retail practice, education and research, specifically in the area of consumer behavior,
retailing and analytics. Findings will be disseminated to practice, using the outreach activities
provided by the Center for Retailing and the House of Innovation at the Stockholm School of
Economics, in retail education (e.g., bachelor program in retail management, CFR Research School),
and the research community through academic conferences and high-quality journal papers.