Projektnamn:  Consumers’ use of AI in retailing: a research project to investigate how
consumer behavior in retail is shifting due to recent advancements in AI

Projektledare: Jonas Colliander – Center for Retailing, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

Övriga projektdeltagare:  PhD Student Aleksandra Mikhailova – Center for Retailing, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

Anslagsförvaltare: SIR (Stiftelsen Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research)

Beviljat anslag: 2 402 184kr

Löptid: 2024-07-01 till 2027-06-30

Sammanfattning av projektet: 

The objective of this project is to empirically investigate how direct and indirect interactions
with AI, with the inherit uses of that technology, are reshaping and redefining consumer
purchasing behavior in retail. Furthermore, our research aims to examine how the evolving
AI landscape, with its increasing demand for data, influences consumer perceptions of
privacy and, in turn, how that transforms consumer purchasing behavior.
There is currently a notable absence of studies that capture the transformations occurring in
consumer purchasing behavior, driven by consumer interactions with AI. Given the
multifaceted nature of interactions between AI and consumers, and the recent breakthroughs
in Generative AI that introduce novel applications unexplored in research, understanding how
consumer-AI interactions transform purchasing behavior is essential for retail.
The knowledge generated from the project is intended to benefit retail companies, AI
developing firms and other stakeholders considering the production and implementation of
AI-driven solutions. The project aims to combine experimental studies with customer web
data obtained through web scraping, resulting in an enhanced understanding of consumer-AI